am i too late with this?

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He’d been caught.

“You fool!” Loki shouted “Have you lost what small mind you, had, you …”
He broke off, inhaling sharply when two thick arms came around him from the side.
And Loki realized his mistake.
He had been talking to Thor while staring ahead.
Thor hadn’t stood there.

A piece of what the amazing SatansSin gave me for my birthday!! I know it was 2 months ago but it’s never too late to show how grateful I am haha! (I hope you don’t mind if I post it bby^^)

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"no homo" whispers the elf to the other elf. it is true. they are not homo sapiens. they are elves

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Tom Felton does the ALS ice bucket challenge and nominates Rupert Grint! - x 

Gifs of @TomFelton doing the #ALSIceBucketChallenge ❤

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Do not talk to me of dragon fire.
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The greatest thing is that I really love these folks. Like, I have really become close with these people. We don’t just hang out on press lines. They’re like a family to me. - Robert Downey Jr.

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The Twilight Saga Cast: Monroe Jackson Rathbone V

"We talked to Stephenie and Catherine a lot, and one of the things we talked about was, what were we saying to Edward when the scenes were not about us, when Bella was not there? And [it turned out we were saying] ‘Just turn her already. Or just kill her.’ And I think Jasper’s idea was just, if he didn’t have Alice, he would have just killed [Bella], and been done with it. And been like, ‘You know what? Now she’s not an issue. She’s gone, out of the picture.’ That was a lot of his mentality. [He could have] just had a nice little snack.

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How do you groom your fantastic eyebrows? (x)

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